A group exhibition on the political state of the United States. San Francisco, CA. November. 2018.

Curated by Katie Williams and Chris Swimmer.

Public Road side Painting Installation. Twenty Nine Palms (Highway 62), CA. May, 2018.

Partially funded by: Awesome Foundation, SF.


Performance on childhood and religion. San Francisco. September, 2017.

Multi-media painting on photography. Chocolate and Art Show. Soma Arts Gallery. San Francisco. July 2017.

A collaboration with Katie Williams and Mark Mrk.

A performance and protest piece performed in Mel Ziegler's Flag Exchange "A Living Thing".  San Francisco Art Institute. March 2017. Co-produced with Katie Williams.

Inauguration Day Street Performance and Protest. San Francisco. January, 2017.

Co-produced with Katie Williams.

An interactive experience with Mural Paintings, Installation and Performance.

Merchants of Reality. San Fransisco. February, 2017. 

Protest of the 7 Countries Ban

Street Performance, Butoh Dance and Protest. City Hall. San Francisco. February, 2017. 


Multi-media painting, live-painting installation, video and performance.

San Francisco and Merced, CA. June 2016 to March 2017.

Multi-media, painting, performance, video, dance. Merchants of Reality Collective.

San Francisco. December 2016. 


Multi-media, live-painting, street performance and happening. Market St. San Francisco. June, 2015.


we; shadows

  1. Interactive performance in a dark gallery. Main Lobby of Iranian Artist Forum. Tehran, Iran. August 2013.

  2. Interactive performance in a dark gallery. Arte Gallery. Tehran, Iran. February 2013.

Co-produced with Hooman Davodi.

Join for a photo

Interactive street performance and happening. Yerevan, Armenia, July 2013.

Hiss! Peace!

Interactive performance. 3 days of silence while listening to audience phone calls and their expressions in society. Tehran, Iran. Mar 2013.


NO signal!

Multi-media, performance, design, photography. Group of 16 young contemporary Artists blocking art exhibitions in 10 major galleries of Tehran, Iran. September, 2012

Multi-media, installation, painting, video. A group exhibition in Arte Gallery. Tehran, Iran. February, 2012.

Curated by Mohammad Reza Sharifzadeh.